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iRoot BC Release Notes – 06/12/2023

iRoot BC Release Notes – 06/12/2023
February 20, 2024 gnuworld

Release Notes

Product – iRoot BC
Date: 6/12/2023

New Items:

Additional field on Loading List page: 

  • The Ship To Name has been added to the Loading list page and in this way users can now easily  identify the Consignee on the Loadout without having to open each Loadout.

Loading Instruction:

  • Downloading a csv file:
    • Along with creating a .csv Loading Instruction, users can also download a copy of the .csv Loading Instruction. The downloaded copy of the file will go directly to the user’s  downloads folder. This can be done for multiple Loadouts at the same time, and the system will automatically combine these into a .zip file in the downloads folder.
  • Printing a combined Loading Instruction:
    • Logistics users are now able to generate a combined Loading Instruction (which can still be split by Depot if required) for a Load depot that will also show pallets that are in transit to the Load depot.