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iRoot is a fully integrated fruit export and sales system, for handling fruit right from stock intakes through to processing costs, receipts and payments. It provides an integrated snap-shot of the complete cost chain.

iRoot is designed to run on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, which is an internationally recognised and accredited financial system that’s fully compliant with auditing requirements.

With iRoot, all financial transactions can be traced – from pallet and fruit spec details, through to final payments.

iRoot Modules

Stock Management

Full traceability of stock movement

Validation of data as per company requirements

Allows for bin to pallet conversion and allocation

Reliable stock pallet Information through LIVE data

Loading Management

LIVE shipping schedule integration

Immediate status updates

Allocation of stock and in-transfer stock

Black spot flagging

User friendly

Forecast Booking

Pre-season volume and vessel schedule planning

Recording and tracking of programmes and volumes

Track volume forecasting

Integrates with customer contracts, loadouts and bookings

iRoot Invoicing Management

Full financial integration to GL

Customer contracts, ensuring accurate pricing on invoices

Record Account Sale results

Allocation of all invoice values (sales and purchases) to specific pallets

Income Cost Reconciliation

Budgeting across the complete cost chain

Accruals for outstanding costs

Integrates actual and budgeted costs

Automatically calculate grower payments