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Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is designed to simplify and streamline business processes across your entire organisation. It can help you gain better control, increase your margins and drive profitable growth.

Using a Microsoft Dynamics® NAV solution that’s custom-designed for your business, you can:

  • manage all your business finances and accounting
  • gain seamless control over your supply chain and production processes
  • track and manage sales, marketing and service contracts
  • manage projects, creating estimates, tracking work and optimising resources
  • turn data into actionable business intelligence and reports.

Since 1983, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV has powered thousands of diverse businesses around the world.

It’s easy to customise and to integrate with the other software solutions your organisation uses. It can be deployed in the cloud or on your premises, based on your needs.

GoSolutions’ deep local and technical knowledge helps ensure that you have the best solution in place to meet your unique business needs.

Gain greater control

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV gives you confidence that the right people in your organisation are making the right decisions. It delivers the insight you need to monitor business performance from every possible angle – from employee time and resources to inventory and shipping.

Increase your margins

With Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, you can make smart decisions and automate key business processes across the board – from buying and inventory management to customer credit and payment terms. This drives down costs and turns margins into cash flow.

Adapt quickly – and grow your business

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV provides the flexibility you require to support new processes and to scale as your business grows, without significant increases to your original investment – or your payroll.

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV modules

Financial Management

Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory

Simplify cash flow management

Control fixed assets

Process bank reconciliations and collections

Work with multiple currencies, locations and legal entities or companies


Manage budgets

Create custom reports using step-by-step wizards

Consolidate reports easily

Look for trends and relationships

Increase collaboration and share knowledge

Supply Chain Management

Tailor approval workflow processes

Manage inventory

Improve responsiveness

Pursue new market opportunities

Work more efficiently with partners


Boost efficiency of production orders

Improve supply planning

Stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands

Manage capacity requirements planning more effectively

Sales and Marketing

Manage customer and sales data

Create marketing campaigns

Organize service resources

Forecast and track parts consumption

Manage contracts and service agreements

Service Management

Manage customer calls and queries

Track support tickets

Allocate resources

Create reports

Carry out asset management

Project Management

Budget for costs and time

Automate billings

Track resource costs and usage

Plan capacity

Predict availability

Human Resource Management

Attach comments to employee records

Track absences

Generate reports

Equip employees with familiar tools

Remember birthdays and celebrations

For more information about an affordable Dynamics NAV system that’s tailored specifically for your business, contact us to discuss your needs.