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Your Effortless
Stock Management Solution!

Simplify your stock management with Stock2Go,
the seamless way to handle your stock efficiently.

Effortless Stock Management

Automatically import EDI files and/or CSV files to create stock.

Highlight exceptions between systems and what is standing at the Depot.

Complete visibility on all stock movement – including in transit pallets.

Documentation Made Simple

System generated load instructions to the depot or load points.

Automatic system generated Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists.

Streamlined Loading Management

Link Loadouts to live sailing schedules, keeping you up-to-date on stack dates.

Automate booking with GoReefers – no more missing bookings.

Generate and submit PVK seamlessly.

Complete Stock Visibility

Live Stock Dashboards providing insights by Depot, Target Market and Commodity. 

Visibility on GoReefers bookings and status updates.

Transparent reporting on container, shipments, customers, ETAs and fruit spec.

QC Reports detailing all claims against specific customers.

Experience stress-free stock management with all the information you need at your fingertips. Say goodbye to costly software installations and the need for additional staff.

Discover the freedom of

efficient stock management with Stock2Go.