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iRoot BC Release Notes – 30/08/2023

iRoot BC Release Notes – 30/08/2023
August 31, 2023 gnuworld

Release Notes

Product – iRoot BC
Date: 30/08/2023

New Items:


  • When copying a Booking Line, the system will now clear all of the App Booking details linked to the line you’re copying from.

Forecast Bookings

  • The fields “Pack Date” and “Pack Week” have been added to the Forecast Booking. When the pack dates are entered on the Forecast Booking, the pack dates will be transferred to the Booking/s when new Booking/s are created. The date/week can then be updated on the Booking level if required.
    • PS. The pack week will be calculated from the packed date, and the FIRST day of the week will be populated if only the week is entered.