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iRoot: Valuable ERP Software for South African Fruit Producers and Exporters

iRoot: Valuable ERP Software for South African Fruit Producers and Exporters
December 20, 2018 gnuworld

With an abundance of arable land and a generally temperate climate, it’s no wonder South Africa is a fast-growing global fruit producer. But that doesn’t mean fruit farming is easy money. Fruit farmers and exporters face challenges that go beyond simply growing and selling fruit.

Challenges facing fruit producers and exporters in South Africa

Bringing in a good crop is only the first step when it comes to successful fruit production and exporting. There are a number of other challenges that South African fruit producers and exporters must overcome.


With the ever-present threat of global warming, erratic climate changes are already starting to take their toll on the farming industry in South Africa. The Western Cape’s 2016 drought took a significant toll on fruit production in the area.


Without sufficient logistics management, fresh produce is susceptible to spoilage along the supply chain. This causes losses and delays for both the fruit producers and exporters.

Exchange rate and the economy

For exporters, fluctuations in the exchange rate can have a big impact on business. Increases in the price of certain commodities, such as crude oil, can also increase production costs.


Political decisions that change or disrupt trade deals can also negatively impact both producers and exporters.

Introducing iRoot

iRoot is a fully integrated fruit export and sales system designed to run on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is an internationally recognised and accredited financial system.

These are some of iRoot’s key functions.

Stock management

This module lets you track stock movement and validate data. It also allows for bin to pallet conversion and allocation.

Loading management

The loading management module gives you live shipping schedules with immediate status updates. You can also monitor allocation of stock and in-transfer stock.

Forecast booking

This module allows for pre-season volume and vessel schedule planning. It also integrates with customer contracts, loadouts and bookings.

Invoicing management

Manage customer contracts to ensure accurate pricing on invoices. The module also lets you allocate all invoice values (sales and purchases) to specific pallets.

Income cost reconciliation

Use this module for comprehensive budgeting across the entire cost chain. You can also accrue for outstanding costs and compare actual versus budgeted costs.

Benefits of iRoot for fruit producers and exporters

With a system like iRoot, you have access to real-time data from the entire sales process, from the lower levels of the company all the way to the final sale. This data gives the business valuable insight into the industry’s markets.

This information could be something as simple as customer orders or stock movements. Although seemingly mundane, this often underutilised market intelligence allows the business to make informed decisions with regards to demand and market forecasts.

iRoot also makes managing compliance with South African and global food safety and traceability standards much easier and gives you real-time access to analytics and powerful reporting tools.

iRoot implementation with GoSolutions

At GoSolutions, we offer iRoot implementation run on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our ERP software of choice. With iRoot, all financial transactions can be traced – from pallet and fruit spec details, through to final payments.

If you’re currently choosing a Dynamics NAV partner, contact us online or give us a call on +27 (0)21 531 7206 to discuss your business’s software needs and challenges. We know what we’re doing, and we can help.